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Meddo is a real-time tool for documenting, sharing, and aligning teams on strategy. Meddo is for any organization working with OKRs, PRDs, or other systems of goal management. Strata was hired in 2020 to consult on User and Market Research. When research showed an opportunity, Strata took on Design and Development of the entire platform.

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Expansive User Research

Meddo was in development for a while, so when we took the project on, we had to prioritize our efforts into delivering features that were critical to getting it to market. interviewing nearly 100 potential users and buyers for software like Meddo, we uncovered a real need for information sharing from the executive level down to the ICs who actually “get stuff done” in organizations.

Simple, Addictive Design

Any tool designed for information sharing is only as good as the recency of that information. If leaders are not interested in documenting their plans or noting changes, then staff are not going to find any value in the product. We had to design Meddo from the start as an easy-to-use tool that encouraged users to adopt it and use it regularly. Nobody needs another mindless-scroll app, but people do need a way to get their message out to teams and keep track of change with low friction.

Real-time Functionality

Facilitating alignment around organizational strategy is impossible if information is not up-to-date. Meddo needed real-time tools to support its users, so we built the foundation of the product around websocket notifications—ensuring everybody can see exactly what is changed when it changes—and email summaries for the times users are not logged in.

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