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We are proud of what we accomplish, and we have a few stories to tell about our greatest successes.

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Turnstone is a big data platform that gives municipal leaders the information they need to manage the operations of on-street, lot, and garage parking. Strata was engaged in 2019 to design and build Turnstone from the ground up, and transformed it from an idea to a successful in-market B2G platform.

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User Research

We started with market and user research — conducting interviews, facilitating whiteboarding sessions, and designing low-fidelity concepts for validation. This work defined the core focus for Turnstone (municipal parking first) and gave us the jumping off point for technical design.

Data Pipeline Engineering

Turnstone aggregates every source of parking data — from the number of spaces on any given block to transaction events at connected meters to active permits for construction or street cafes. This data comes from different delivery methods and in different formats, but is all aggregated automatically, checked, deduplicated, and normalized using efficient data pipelines.

Predictive Modelling

Turnstone does more than aggregate: it’s designed to predict the volume of unpaid parking that’s invisible in transaction data. Based on prior academic work and large sets of historic data, we’ve iterated, refined, and developed new methods to accurately predict what happens on the street with imperfect information.

Information Rich Design

“Big Data” is powerful, but also incredibly difficult to communicate. Data that’s hard to interpret is less useful than no data at all. To help Turnstone serve its customers properly, we had to design interfaces that simplify the understanding of all that information—without sacrificing its depth or quality. Complexity is hard, simplicity is even harder!

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